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Online Dating: 4 Biggest Mistakes

Since one of the most important things in relationship is trust, be careful about misrepresenting yourself while dating online. When you meet in person for a first time, all these possible mistakes can make her doubt in you.

So, no matter how a good salesman you could be, spend time to go through biggest and most common misrepresentations that men make online and how each of those can backfire on you every time.

1. Old Photo in Profile

One of the most common mistakes people can do while online dating - wrong choice of photos while creating a profile in dating online website. It could sound a good idea to put the pictures, taken at the peak of the attractiveness, like weighing twenty or thirty pounds less, or with more hair.

The thing is, any women you meet online expect to meet the person she sees on those pictures, as he looks at those pictures.

It's really nothing to do with how you look, it's simply the fact that you don't look as she expected you to look. When you meet a women after posting old photos of you, her first thought about you is not going to be an evaluation of how you look but rather that you are someone who wasn't honest about himself.

You could think you will get back to this shape, but this is not the way to start a good relationship with a woman you like.

You can use professional photos, but don't try too hard. So, just do the regular photos, in different clothes, have fun, smile and relax. And make the first impression on her!

Online Dating Mistakes

2. Wrong Age

Another major area of online misrepresentation - the age. So many men dating online lie about their age because they expect to attract young women. Men who are 46, say they are 39 years old. Men who are 54 years old will say they are 46.

When you lie about your age to your online date, it will be cleared up when you meet her in person. You can't fool someone you are 39 years old if you are 46. She will probably ask you how old you really are and then you will have to defend yourself saying something like "I look younger then my age and everybody says that. But i was afraid you won't go out with me if you know my real age".

But there is a thing about it - if she is looking to meet someone of the certain age, she hardly will go out with you again - and not because of you 5 years more then her guidelines, but because of you lying.

Try to think why you are not comfortable with you age and have to change it. May be it's time to stop worrying whether women want to date your age and start to show women why dating an older guy will be such a good experience. Wisdom comes with an age and you will be able to show her a whole new side of life.

3. Telling what she wants to hear

When you are dating online, it's important to be really clear about things you want in your life, for example family and children.

Many women want children, but keeping that in mind a lot of men put yes into profile "i want children". It's what she wants to hear but it may be not the thing you really want. If you don't want children, date the women who also don't want children.

Write down what you really want and you will never get an impression of being misunderstood. So, instead of telling women what they want to hear it's always better to get along with the women with the same interests and goals, staying honest with them and yourself and this could be a good start for a meaningful relationship. Games could put you into a messy situation which won't bring joy either to you or your partner.

4. Pretending to like what she likes

The other type of common misrepresentation single men make online is the way to write their profile. To attract more women, they will say they enjoy long walks on the beach or do something romantic, when they actually want to meet the girl for dating only and are not really into romance.

It's not about making judgement what is right or wrong but about how important is it to be honest with what you want. Be clear about your intentions and literally write them down, if you don't want pretend for weeks how you like the museums while you really enjoy beach football.

Be in touch with what you want and with so many opportunities of online dating you will find the one who wants the same and enjoy common things together.

Whether it's about the way your body looks, your age or what you are looking for in a relationship, misrepresenting yourself will always influence your possible dates. Believe, there are tons of women for you to meet and connect with online.

So many people are dating online these days and you can absolutely find people you like and fit together. When on the first date show up as yourself, the real you, to feel easier and to show your date who you really are. And if she likes you - you will be sure, it's really you, whom she likes and enjoy being with.

Good luck in your online dating!

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