How to Start Dating Online: 7 first steps

In nowadays most communications occurs over the Internet and Online Dating is a great chance to find your love.

But how to start talking? How to flirt online, if someone seems to be interesting?

1. Make sure the person you like actually wants to talk to you.
If you get short replies like "ok" and "yeap", most likely they are not interested.

2. Don't come on too strong.
Start talking about yourself, sharing your interests, asking things like "what is your favourite movie" or " what music do you listen too" - it will help to understand if you have any common interests and will help to develop the conversation.

3. Be interested in the person you talk with (but not too much).
Ask questions which will allow you to know the person, you are talking too, better. All people like to talk about themselves, learn to be a good listener.

4. Make compliments.
Tell them, you like their online picture or may be if that person is interested in photography, compliment on how cool the pictures are.

5. Have fun.
Some humour can always differ your message from others, will make the person smile, which is a great start already.

6.Show your interest.
If you were discussing music, send the link of some rare or funny video of their favourite song. This way, the person will know, you were really listening to what they were saying.

7. Start.
Never try means 100% guarantee nothing will happen. If the person you like on the photo never answers, move on, may be its just not yours.

Don't be upset over only one person, just try again and who knows what great things can happen!

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