Improve Your Profile to get more responses - 4 easy steps

Don’t get much response on your online dating profile? Refine your profile to generate more hits and tempt members to take another look.

Find our 4 steps to make your profile better and more popular.

Dating Profile Photo

Step 1. Take a look at your profile photos

If you don’t have a photo in your profile – add one, so many people just skip the profiles without photos. Make sure, your photos are of good quality and appealing. If you had some photos up for a while, upload new ones – a new photo can catch the attention of someone, who looked at your profile before but didn’t pay attention. Include appealing photos, showing variety of your personality – playful, sexy, flirtatious, funny, etc.

Try to avoid photos with other people (especially of the opposite sex), even they are cropped out or photos with sport cars and naked girls around – women consider this to be extremely tacky. Another way to catch someone’s eyes is to periodically rotate your photos – be sure, active member will notice.

Step 2. Change your profile headline and Screen name

You can change it any time you like and a new headline can catch someone’s attention who never noticed your profile before.

Try to write something catchy to spark interest to your profile. Be creative and stand out of crowd.

Online Dating Profile

Step 3. Improve profile description

Keep it short- many people lose attention reading long texts. Give other member a short teaser of what your are about – this will keep interest high and make them contact you to find out more – give them a conversation starter.

Be clear about what you are looking for, but be careful about that – the reason of not getting results could be in too rigid requirements. Be flexible about age, height and other details and increase your chances to get responses. Try not to sound arrogant – show people what you have to offer, not what your expect from them.

Step 4. Ask the second opinion

Having your friend reading your profile is a great way to know the spots you have missed about yourself and person you are looking for, but also get some constructive criticism on things you should add.

It can be extremely helpful if a friend if of the sex you are looking to attract – they will know better what works and what doesn’t.

Good Luck in Your Online Dating!

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