11 Best ideas for your romantic date in Dubai

Dubai is the city of various landscapes - from white sands of desert, wonderful beaches, skyscrapers and mountains, night clubs and bars. This could make Dubai a wonderful choice for romantic evening, date or celebrating special occasion.

Find out helpful tips for most romantic things to do in Dubai - various, relaxing, fun and easy to arrange.

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Air Balloon Date Dubai

Adrenaline date - Ferrari World

The amusement attraction of Ferrari World will keep your date full of excitement and adrenaline. This fun activity can make atmosphere casual and light and you will have an adventure to share and discuss after.

Romantic date - Boat in Za'abeel Park

Enjoy nature with a romantic walk in the park, followed by a boat ride in the park lake and keep will your date sweet and simple.

Wonderful sunset view during boat ride and coffee together in one of the quiet cafes after, will make this date perfect.

Classic Date - Dinner and drink

Try out one of Dubai romantic restaurants and choose according to your budget. Go for a beach walk after the dinner or visit a local bar for a drink together.

Villa Beach right after Burj al Arab can satisfy anyone, who looks for the picturesque view and delightful food and could be a great place for a special occasion.

Western-style date

Casual and nice date in a cafe, club or bar with outdoor terrace. Check Bhari, Zaar and Barasti bars or try one of the many coffee places in Souq al Bahar at Burj Khalifa.

Enjoy live music in the Music Room at Majestic Hotel.

Sunset date Dubai

Relaxing and pampering - SPA-date

If you know each other well, dating for some time already - choose one of Dubai's spa places. Enjoy treatment together and follow the pleasure with chocolate and strawberries by the pool.

Try chocolate body scrub and full massage for couples at Hyatt Regency Dubai or Raffles Spa for their luxury couples suite.

Active date - skiing and skating

Great choice for one of the first dates - activity, shared together will keep you both busy and help to escape from pauses during conversation.

Visit SkiDubai for a ski ride and watching the penguins or ice-skating in Dubai Mall - good chance to hold her hand for the first time, for a reason.

Date desert Dubai

Exotic and exciting - Hot Air Balloon

Share life-time experience on Valentine's day, taking her on a hot air balloon ride along the wonderful desert views.

To make it even more romantic choose the time during sunset and enjoy the sight of a fiery orange sun, going down the horizon. Endless ocean of sand and you two in the middle of your romantic journey.

Beach date

Dubai has many lovely beaches, although still many of them belong to the hotels, which usually give preference of use to their guests.

Enjoy an evening or night walk along the beach, let cool sand seep through your toes, watch sunset together or look at the twinkling lights of the ships far away.

Take some picnic staff with you and enjoy really special and relaxing dinner on the beach.

Date desert Dubai

Dinner cruise

For magnificent experience of new Dubai skyline, which includes architecture, private beaches and the Burj al Arab, go for two hours dinner on a board of the ship.

The cruise will allow you to admire the picturesque skyline of Dubai Marina and enjoy the romantic moments under the velvet sky and get memorable experience.

Out of the city date

To leave the noisy city and to share the beauty of the Arabian Desert, check out "Gateway to sun" in Dubai - the Bab al Shams, a luxury resort built in traditional style among the sand dunes. 45 minutes from Dubai and you will be welcomed with modern comforts and magnificent sunset in the desert.

Try out activities like camel rides, archery or jeep ride, relax in the spa and enjoy the cuisine.

Night date in a desert

There is nothing more romantic then sitting near the fire, enjoying the meal with your loved one under the desert sky full of stars.

Night safari in the desert with activities like belly dancing, camel rides, sand skiing and sunset photography could be a wonderful experience for a couple.

Enjoy your Dubai Dating!

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