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How to Maintain Your Online Relationship, 12 useful advises

Having online relations with somebody, using online dating services, has its special features.

Find our helpful tips to make your online relations work and develop. Online Dating Relations

    1. Try to talk every day at least for an hour.
    Work on your schedule to take out time to be online uninterrupted and to pay attention to your significant other. When it’s not possible – use instant messages or send e-mails.

    2. Avoid being distracted.
    Talk to her or him exclusively even if it’s for a short time. It’s like online equivalent of a date, so give them your undivided attention.

    3. Use site features that enable you to talk to them, use camera date, chat or voice tool. Emails and smile are good, but nothing compares to talking, looking at each other.

    4. Create a sense of closeness by asking her to play music over Voice Conversation. And if you both like, you could sing favorite songs together and take turns to play music for each other.

    5. Send each other random playful emails and smiles during the day to keep the spice in the relationship. Imagine how pleasant it is to come home from a long working day and find unexpected sweet email waiting for you.

    6. Remember important events, important for her or him, or the events could stress them – good luck card or kiss smile can inspire a lot.
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    7. Play online games together – it’s another way of having fun together and getting to know each other better as well.

    8. Be romantic and send the other person random cards and small gifts – candies or flowers delivery.

    9. Be involved into other person’s life – try to remember the important things like birthdays, dates or relatives’ names. Ask questions to show you want to be even more involved.

    10. Having a fight is normal, but doesn’t work the same when the fight is online. It’s not always easy to understand the tone from messages and some words could be misunderstood. Always take a step back and calm down before replying. Sometimes you don’t mean to be rude but a person can get it wrong and get hurt.

    11. Try to make your conversations interesting every time you talk, keep your interest high!
    You can run out of the ideas but you are not alone – may be she or he has some great ideas too.

    12. The relationship can take an effort, but with enough patience and compromise, you both can feel satisfied and enjoy it.

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