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Meet Girls Online: Tips for Men

Using online dating service you can find the girl of your dreams even without leaving the house.

Here is how to be successful in online dating.

1. Create a compelling profile.

This is the first thing about you people will see.

2. Be a gentleman.

Online or offline, being polite and nice person always helps.

3. Use correct grammar and spelling.

4. Make a polite introduction.

If someone sends you message, show how much you are delighted to receive her message and give some more information about yourself.

If you message to someone, tell her more about yourself and say you would love to get to know more about her.

5. Try to be elegant.

Don't start from "send more photos of yours", focus on her personal interests, goals or anything you have in common. Read her profile again.

6. Stand out.

Women who use online dating sites usually get a lot of messages from men. Try to make your message unique and different from others she gets.

Mention something from her profile and show you want to know more about her.

7. Keep the conversation going.

She seems to be nice but what's next?

Ask questions about her and be a good listener. Keep your questions focused on things she does to relax, her family, if she is animal lover or what kind of books she likes, etc.

Be careful with topics like sex, religion or politics.

8. Be grateful.

Let her know how much you appreciate her attention, saying something as simple "I really enjoyed our conversation" and "Thanks for your reply".

9. Don't push on a date too soon.

Try to be patient and enjoy getting to know each other. If things work out, you will have a lot of time together.

Let her know you want to see her but ready to wait.

10. Handle rejection.

If it doesn't work out, say her good bye as a gentleman. And may be your polite goodbye will make her come back, if you are still interested at this point.

11. Keep trying.

You may get a lot of rejections online as it happens in real world too. But it doesn't mean this is not for you. The right girl is out there somewhere and may be you will appreciate her even more, getting turned down from the other girls.

Stay positive!

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