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Dating Do's and Dont's for Single Man in Dubai

Dubai is a place full of young, attractive and single people, still in very conservative atmosphere. According to Islam, official religion in United Arab Emirates, sex outside marriage is illegal and even public displays of affection can put you into trouble.

So, how does expat man can spend his free time and date single women in Dubai?

Here are some tips to enjoy life but keep yourself safe.

Meet the Girl

Including more then 80% of expats, Dubai is a sociable city. People from overseas spend their tax-free salaries and free time in the bars, restaurants and clubs, where could be the opportunity to meet the possible date. Wherever you work, you will meet good looking women everyday in Dubai. Advertising, events and glossy magazines bring glamour and inspire girls to doll up.

Starting the conversation with a stranger is easy and normal, as most of people in Dubai started it with the landing in the airport and going out to make friends - it's kind of a shared experience here. The most common question you will hear is "How long have you been in Dubai?"

Ask her our

Lets say you meet a charming girl in a bar and want to see her again. Inviting her for a drink is totally safe and drink after the working day is fully assumable first date in Dubai. But - it will be only inside of hotel bar and will cost you a fortune.

The alternative for a first date in Dubai could be skiing in Ski Dubai, view from the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa or the world's biggest fountain display. If you go for a cinema date, take a jumper with you and be a real gentleman to protect your girl from being cold with air-conditioning.

A cultural date may include an art exhibition in the Al Quoz district or the show in Shangri La Hotel night club.

Date Tonight

Pick her up in your car or the taxi - not very convenient to look for a car on the blistering heat. Getting to know new women in Dubai is often exciting as you can meet women from all over the world. Ask her story about coming to Dubai, be interested in her future plans about the family and the country as well. Anyway, always remember love can change the plans.

Coffee After?

Once you got the bill, as only the most emancipated woman insist on paying themselves, you may want to suggest the drink after the dinner somewhere else. And this could be a drink in your place.

Privacy of your own home is a good place for a first kiss, since any public displays of affection are fully forbidden in Dubai. It's also illegal to kiss in the taxi or to be noticed by your neighbours, who could be offended with such behaviour and put you both into a lot of trouble.

You can also expect disapproving looks from the neighbours if the girl stays for a night or even a report about inappropriate behaviour.

Dubai dating code of conduct can make you feel strange but may be feeling yourself a teenager again could be fun?:)

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