Online Dating: How to Create the Perfect Profile Photo

When it comes to Online Dating, the photo is the biggest deal, the first impression people will get, opening your profile. So, how can so many people do it so wrong?
To make your online dating successful and enjoyable, here are some ways to make your photo perfect.

1. Focus on your face.

They say the eyes are the door of your soul and the road to your heart.
Even if you are proud of your results in the sport gym, or enjoyed your sea vacation, half-naked photos are not the best solution, so keep your clothes on for now.

2. Don't hide.

Make sure people can see your face - not new cool sunglasses or your new hat. The whole point about browsing online dating profiles is to see the faces.

3. Keep your friends out of profile pictures.

May be you are right and you look great at this exact picture, but "i'm far right on the photo" is not the best idea about you, isn't it?
Your online dating profile is about you, so is the profile picture.

4. Please, don't use Web-cam.

It won't make a photo better, really.

5. Leave the bathroom.

It's not the only mirror in your house, right?

6. Submit several photos.

You can be different even during a single day, you have many sides - several photos will make a better idea of what you are. If you are interested in someone, you surely will be glad to find more then one picture.

7. Eye contact.

Try to look into the camera, even doing some creative photos.

8. Have fun.

Don't be too serious or sad, especially if it's not who you are at all. Smile, or if you think, its not your best side, imagine, you are on the first date - light smile and interest.

9. Use a photographer.

Good camera and professional advices are always helpful for your online dating profile.

10. Take your friend and enjoy the process.

Who else knows you better and can make you smile?:)

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