Tips for the Best Online Dating Profile

Your online dating profile is what makes people decide if they want contact you or not. Having it done well will enrich your internet dating experience and make it probably exciting and happy.

Tip 1

Catchy name. Try to make it simple, yet to tell something about you.
Another "sexygirl90" or "manofyourdreams" can work out too but if you include something unique about you or something what you like in your name, it will catch attention and make your profile more personal.

Tip 2

What are your searching for? Sounds easy but this will also make your ad more full, alive, clear and specific. Short-term or long term? Preferable age, gender and orientation. Do your want to have children or not?

Tip 3

Be open and honest. Don't really know what you want from relationship but tired of being alone? Well, it can happen. Try to tell what you think could fit you, bring you joy, make you laugh. You will want someone who likes you as you are, not as you pretend to be.

Tip 4

Post a good photo of yours. This is the first thing people see in your profile. Smile, keep your eyes in camera, let people look at you, contact your from the first glance. It's better if the photo shows how you look today - you will escape from surprises if you meet after.

Tip 5

Be positive and curious. To yourself and others. Communicate with new people, meet new personalities, ask questions, send requests. In the end - you never know!

Tip 6

Be specific. What is your personality, what are you interests, your likes and dislikes. What is your ideal day? Any hobbies? Music you like? This can help to understand if your someone special one.

Tip 7

Try notes. May be it's not easy to make the description of yourself quickly, but try to imagine the ideal partner sitting in front of you tell him about yourself.

Tip 8

Create an attractive headline - this is second important thing in your profile after the picture. Make it meaningful and give a hint of who you are and what you want - so that after reading headline, people would want to continue read the rest of your profile.

Tip 9

Polish: Save your profile for at least a day, and then come back and reread. Correct any grammar and spelling errors. Look through the other profiles, realise what attracted you and what not.

Tip 10

Post the profile and Start Online Dating!
You may want to edit it later, or to add photos but the hard work is already done.

Good luck!

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